The Benton Public Library Book Club is reading
Anthony Doerr’s
All The Light We Cannot See

Next meeting: 2:00 PM – Sunday, January 20 at the library.
No purchasing of books is necessary. Books are on loan through the Southwest Wisconsin Library System.
If you would like to join, sign up at the library circulation desk!

Check out the library card catalog website to find more information on the book we are reading! –


@Benton Public Library
SLP 2018
As in the past, the summer library program (SLP) here in Benton has two parts:

SUMMER READING LOG—simply read—anywhere, anytime—plus visit the Benton Public Library three times during open hours (see below) between June 11 and July 28. This incentive program is for all children and youth (0-18 years old). Participants keep track of their reading on their reading logs (available in June) and earn prizes. Prizes may be collected at the library after individual goals are met; last day to complete the log and collect prizes is Sat. July 28. Our end-of-SLP party will be at Cole Acres pool again, all family members welcome. Note: Children do NOT need to come to any story/activity programs to participate in this reading incentive program.

SCHEDULED PROGRAMS AT BPL—reading and activities at the library for children 2 years old and older, June 12 to July 17. We will NOT meet on July 3.:
· Libraries Rock: Tuesdays 10-10:45 a.m. for children ages 2 and older.

.*Children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by their caregiver.

Please note that the library is open only to the SLP participants and their caregivers during the scheduled program times but will reopen to the general public at 1:00 p.m. There is no charge to participate in SLP.
Call if you have questions (759-2665).


Thanks to the following Project Preserving Our Past Donors
Rita McCarthy and Connor
Phoebe McCrea and family members (Harold’s herd)
Jim and Idain Carter
John (Elaine)Carter, Karan Carter (Ray) Piper, Joan Carter(Bob) Havertape and Jean Carter (Phil) Christensen
Steve and Judy Wilson
Gary and Patti Alexander McCauley
Don Probst

Country Living

Midwest Living
National Geographic for Kids
National Geographic

Simple & Delicious

PRESERVING OUR PAST The project goal is to preserve our past by using technology to save it for the future.
The method we are using is the digitization
historical  materials including but not limited to yearbooks, newspapers, photos, community memorabilia.  We want to include Benton, New Diggings ,Leadmine, Aetna and Buncombe. If you have materials you think would be of interest contact the library. All original items will be returned.

Currently we have The Mining Times which was the first newspaper (Dec 1894 – Jan 1986) and( June 1896 to Dec 1900) on a thumb drive and are it copying to cds.
The cost for the Mining Times  was  paid with donations. The Benton Advocate will cost approximately $4,200.
The library received a $1,00.00 grant from Alliant Energy to assist in digitizing
the Benton Advocate. The library will be seeking additional funds to continue with this project. This phase of the project will cover the years from June 1901 to March of 1959.

Benton Public Library and the Benton School District have yearbooks from 1950 to 1999 on cds. We have Benton Blasts which are  in the process of being scanned to cds
and we are looking for pre 1950 yearbooks and any from Leadmine Grade School and New Diggings High School.

For more information, contact Jean Christensen, Library Director at 608-759-2665 or


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